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Its so small, that you hardly notice its presence!

What’s a bug? Well in natural terms it is a sort of insect which is very small. But in today’s technological terms, a bug is a device which usually is used for eavesdropping or finding out secret information by secret agencies or detectives from people who are under surveillance. With technology in this field too getting better and smarter new and latest innovations are introduced every other day. What if you want to check whether your teenage daughter is having good friends or company or not? You simply place GSM-BUG in her bag or something which she will use continuously and listen from your own place.

Do not worry at all! She won’t ever notice the presence of this bug. Why? Because it is so small, just 40 x 30 x 10 mm in size and hence can be concealed just anywhere without attracting attention! Whether you want to use it for domestic purposes or for even professional secret mission, this bug is absolutely suitable for both the categories. In fact, being an unlimited distance listening device, it does not have any restriction of area and periphery. So, can be used and carried anywhere without being noticed.

Now, we always feel that such devices are a bit tricky to operate. But in case of this product there are no such hassles. Just insert a SIM in its housing like you do in a cell phone and whenever you feel like listening just call upon the SIM number. And even when you are not listening, you still can get access to the information going around the bug. How? Well, this smart bug has voice activation sensor due to which whenever the voice around goes above the volume of 60 db, it dials the preset number and you can pick the phone and check the happenings around.


Every place has a space for this tiny device

Do you know that eavesdropping is one of the biggest business and also a pastime in this world? You see, with growing development, secret agencies and detective firms are too have increased as many government and corporate houses look for surveillance of their employees or associates. But just as these people are trying to outdo their people, there are many who are very smart and work under disguise for different countries without gettig noticed.

Such people are familiar with all the trends and technologies and can detect a bug or any other surveillance device instantly. So what to do? Take help of EM Digital voice recorder belonging to the tiny series and be relaxed of the results. It’s so tiny that you can hardly notice its presence. Also it comes in different models for the purpose of using at different location and purpose.

For example, if you are a woman then having a jewelry box with you will not be so noticeable and hence with the help of Model a27 of this recorder which resembles a wooden jewelry box you can easily carry of the voice recording without anyone noticing it. Other models too are worth using like leather case keychain digital voice recorder of Model a21, metallic case digital voice recorder of Model a22 etc.

Sometimes you need to record the voice for a longer period at stretch without disturbing the placement of voice recorder as you might attract attention. Then what to do? In such circumstances tiny Digital voice recorder of Model b21 comes in handy as it has the lasting capacity of 18 hrs to 30 hrs. Similarly, being very tiny it can be concealed at any place without being noticed for long hours. So, whatever your requirement may be, this tiny digital voice recorder can perform it absolutely with professional ease.

Now, trace the minutest sound with tiniest audio transmitter

What do you do when there is a need for tracking of sound without getting the other noticed that his voice is being tracked? Well simple! You use an audio transmitter. But some times one need to use a very small transmitter which can go unnoticed even in close company and that’s were GSM: 001 GSM quadriband audio transmitter comes in handy. Now, usually spies and secret agents are mostly in need of such surveillance equipment but many times even such gadgets find requirement in domestic situations as well like if parents want to keep a track on the friend circle of their children or a husband or wife wants to keep a track on their spouse.

Being only 39 x 40 x 9 mm in size, it can be concealed just anywhere from vehicles, electrical boards, switch boxes and domestic appliances. Its small size and powerful DSP (digital signal processor) makes it the fabulous aid which can help one track even the minutest of sound. Now, one would think how can a transmitter give clear sound if it is fitted on a vehicle or on switch board? Will it not also deliver the vehicle noise or the rolling sound of the electrical instruments? This is where this audio transmitter specializes. It 50 Hz Ac Voltage noise residue rejection capacity enables you to hear crystal clear sound even if the ambience is chaotic and noisy.

Smallest in the whole world GSM: 001 is the answer to all the needs of sound tracking and secrecy. Moreover, its special function “Dynamic milk” makes this device automatically switch off and on as per the sound prevalence. Easy to use, its program has sensitivity to match up to 3 levels and with the aid of DSP placed internally one can reset the programs to handle the sound sensitivity and frequency while the vehicle is moving or stopping or whenever the sound is increasing or decreasing.

Conspicous Techno Wizard Surveillance Equipments

Surveillance equipments are very common these days. The technology of surveillance is used for observation and safety purpose. These watch babies vary in style, range and function. Everyone is well aware of CCTV cameras. These lens watchers are now fixed almost everywhere you go. Shopping malls, tourist spots, IT companies, households, you name it and you find some big television screen broadcasting your activities.

These cameras are either hidden or openly displayed transmitting the videos it captures to some security control room. To get the aerial view of the incident helicopters serve carrying the aerial cameras these are mostly used in military and defense departments.

The astounding and implausible varieties of audio surveillance offer crystal clear recordings. There are diverse models in audio surveillance. The most incredible product is the voice changer and the detector. According to the settings the voice changer can change the voice as they receive it. In turn the voice detectors can identify if there is some voice change Micro phones are mostly used by the security personnel.

If you walk off without noticing an earpiece in your friend’s ear that’s not your mistake, these disappear as soon it is placed. Some households are now equipped with many of these surveillance equipments. Safety lockers and anti-theft knobs are very useful. Apart from all these wonderful inventions something takes the lead, digital micro bug. You can see a button or a screw which is fitted with the digital bug. These are commonly used by police. Surveillance equipments are more than a useful security system. These give a sense of secure feel and hope to the people.

Creeping science kid spy equipments

Technological advancement has brought so much of constructive equipments like spy equipments with it. Spy equipments are used for security reasons. You can come across some of the interesting and useful ranges of this tech child. When speaking about the cameras, you are captivated by the sizes and the purpose these lenses serve. Many are not aware of the diverse collection.

Some cameras just skulks into your pockets without any disturbance, these are called pocket cameras. Watches are now more than a fancy instrument showing you the time. They are fixed with cameras and used for spying means. The digital cameras come as pinhole lenses which are simply awesome.

Audio spying equipments are unbelievable. The impeccable design leaves you awe-struck. These fit in to fountain pens and lighters, and flawlessly records voices and transmit them. Monocular and binocular are equipped with powerful lenses which enables a clear vision up to certain distance. If you want to keep watch during night times, night vision comes handy which is equipped with powerful optical calibration.

These tech innovations do not end here. There are certain devices which are used for counter surveillance. There are acoustical jammers and blockers which does not allow even air to enter and move around. The room comes under its absolute security, once these are activated Reference. To scan the body heat, infra red scanning are available. You are a James bond if you are equipped with some of these inventions. Spy equipments sneaks through every possible way and system to collect and gather information.